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Producing and Delivering

Quality Dairy Products since 1934.


For over 75 years Washtenaw Dairy has been delivering quality dairy products to Washtenaw County. Whether it is milk and cheese for local businesses or ice cream sundae bars for area parties, Washtenaw Dairy exemplifies excellence in both product quality and service.


Stop by at the beginning of the day for coffee and some of our fresh home-made donuts. If you want to share with the whole office, place an order and bring a few dozen with you to work.


Washtenaw Dairy’s family friendly atmosphere makes it a perfect destination after a long day-for both young and old alike. Enjoy the biggest and best tasting cones in town at the lowest prices! Choose from over 30 flavors or taste one of our delicious hand-dipped shakes or malts.


We also deliver milk, cheese, cream and many other products to meet your businesses’ dairy needs. Look at what we have to offer and call about current pricing.



Washtenaw Dairy donates and supports many community endeavors, projects, and not-for-profit schools and service organizations.


For the past 31 years, Washtenaw Dairy has hosted The Washtenaw Dairy Milk Can Open held at Pierce Lake Golf Course in Chelsea, Michigan. As a result of this year’s Milk Can Open, Washtenaw Dairy donated $1,000 to the University of Michigan Cancer Center in the memory of Jim Raab III.


Pictured above (from left to right) are Jason Keech (U of M), Kevin Kelly (captain, tournament championship team), Jeff Peck (WD), and Doug Raab (WD).


We are a corporate sponsor every year for the Ufer Quarterback Club’s annual golf event (  Washtenaw Dairy donuts and coffee are always present before the golfers tee it up for the tournament start.


In 2017, Washtenaw Dairy jumped right in to support a new major event for Ann Arbor, the Volvik LPGA Golf Tournament at Travis Point Golf Club over the Memorial Day weekend (


Every week the Dairy donates dozens of donuts to the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club ( to help keep their members and other volunteers energized to do their good works. Perhaps because donuts and volunteers go together like peanut butter and jelly, there has been an especially strong connection between us and Kiwanians for generations!


Washtenaw Dairy supports the Community Music School of Ann Arbor. The Community Music School cultivates the joy of music to people of all ages and backgrounds through collaborative musical adventures.
















We cherish every thank you note and acknowledgment as a part of the Dairy's rich and long history. Doing good work inspires us to have a strong business, allowing us to continue assisting others!


We sell local and national news papers


Are you looking to catch up on the news with your morning Donut? Do you love the feeling of a crisp new news paper in your hands?


We've got you covered! Washtenaw Dairy carries print versions of large publications like The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Detroit News, and The Detroit Free Press so you can keep up to date on the big headlines. We're also a great place to keep up-to-date on your local news with The Michigan Daily and the monthly publication Old West Side News.



What better way to pass time eating Ice Cream or a Donut than grabbing a quick Keno ticket? It's a little known fact, but we do have two Keno screens decorating the interior of Washtenaw Dairy, and we love putting them to use!


We sell both Powerball and Michigan Mega Millions Lottery tickets. Everyone buys from gas stations, but there's good karma that comes with buying from a local business!



Great Donuts


Flavors of Ice Cream


Daily Dairy Deliveries


Come down and enjoy some of our delicious donuts made fresh at the dairy every day.


We offer customized donuts! From Maize and Blue to Black and White, enjoy any color combination you like for any occasion. Donuts make a perfect desert option for weddings, office events, graduation parties, and anything else you could possibly think of.


Donut flavors include Chocolate Glazed, Vanilla Glazed, Maple Glazed, Cinnamon Sugar, Plain, Vanilla with Coconut, Maple with Peanuts, and Vanilla with Sprinkles.


Get a Dairy BoxTM of 30 donuts for $22.50.

Order a day ahead special price $20.00.


To order donuts for an event please call (734) 662-3244 at least one day before you wish to pick them up. Most orders can be ready by 6:30 AM or earlier on the day that they are needed.


Celebrate your team’s victory with Go Blue Donuts and a gallon of milk from
Washtenaw Dairy!

Introducing Donut Minis!

Washtenaw Dairy is now offering delicious donut minis. Try our plain, cinnamon, or powdered sugar donut holes. Or treat yourself to our special red velvet. You don’t even need to pretend that it’s your birthday!


Sundae Bars are a perfect addition to any party!


We provide you with everything you need to make Washtenaw Dairy-quality ice cream sundaes right at your own event. Our Sundae Bars can be tailored around your needs and budget, picked up or delivered. You can choose ice cream flavors from our list of over 50, including sugar free/fat free flavors. We will provide ice cream, the toppings, spoons and napkins.


Pre dipped ice cream is $4 for full sundae bar and $3.50 for ice cream only. Biodegradable containers and lids available on request. Just ask. No addition cost


You can have hot fudge (we'll lend you the machine), caramel, strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate syrup. Then the fun begins...


Top your sundaes with:

  • Cherries
  • Whip Cream
  • Caramel
  • Raspberry Sauce
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Hot Fudge or Chocolate Syrup
  • Nuts
  • Brownies
  • Oreo Cookie Crumbs
  • M & Ms
  • Sprinkles
  • Gummy Bears

Then top it all off with whipped cream, and a cherry and you have a guaranteed crowd pleaser!


To order a sundae bar call us at (734) 662-3244 and let us go to work helping you plan the excitement!


  9" Round = $25

10" Round = $30

11" Round = $35


Pick 2 flavors

Special requests/Custom orders welcomed

(additional costs may apply)

See Flavors below


Our Many Ice Cream Flavors


And now the moment you've all been waiting for, the big list of ice cream flavors!  If you do not see a flavor you like or want to check that a particular flavor is in stock, please call. You can also ask to place an order on any flavor that we are not currently carrying.


Please note that our scooped ice cream, some of which is packaged as gluten free, may contain stray gluten due to our scoopers scooping many, many ice cream orders (gluten free and full of gluten) in a rapid fashion. So, if it is critical that your diet is gluten free - and you know who you are - please refrain from trying the scooped ice cream. It’s better to partake in our packaged ice cream products that guarantee their sans gluten purity. And, while we’re at it, anyone who has a peanut or tree nut allergy should follow this same advice. Thank you for your understanding. And peace to all.

Washtenaw Dairy Ice Cream Flavor Master List


Non-Dairy Chocolate


Lemon Sorbet


Rainbow Sherbet




Blue Moon


Black Cherry


Chocolate Chip


Cookies N Cream


Mint Chocolate Chip


Caramel Pretzel Crunch




Golden Vanilla


Birthday Cake




Pirates Treasure


Strawberry Cheesecake


Toasted Coconut


NSA Butter Pecan


Raspberry Chip Cheesecake




Blueberry Waffle cone


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


Orange Pineapple


Moose Traxx


Bear Claw


Peanut Butter Brownie Crunch


Praline Pecan


Irish Mint


Chocolate Peanut Butter


Butter Pecan


Mackinaw Island Fudge


Peanut Butter Moose Traxx




Nearly all our flavors can be special ordered with minimum 2-week notice. Please contact us directly at and provide us with your request.

About Us



We wouldn't be much of a dairy if we didn't offer dairy products, which is why we are pleased to distribute Prairie Farms dairy products. Prairie Farms is a Farmers-Owned Co-Operative Dairy, and has converted the entire milking heard to Non-Growth Hormone. That means we get to offer quality dairy products without any of that weird, harmful, and frankly hard to pronounce stuff.



Did you know that the U.S. has a massive surplus of cheese? Neither do a lot of people, but now that you do know, you can help us cut into that surplus! There's no better time to buy cheese than right now, and no better place to get it than Washtenaw Dairy! Buy it by the slice, by the block, shredded, or if you're feeling extra adventurous, buy it by the wheel!



Washtenaw Dairy offers a generous selection of domestic and imported brands.


Keg Beer Now Available

Cheers! Washtenaw Dairy now offers draft beer kegs for your tailgate or special event. Numerous labels available. Plus we have all the accouterments, taps, keg pails, cups, and, of course, bags of ice. Don't forget the ice cream for dessert.



Don't worry, your eyes are still not playing tricks on you. Washtenaw Dairy also carries wine.


Dry Ice

Washtenaw Dairy is one of the few locations in Southeast Michigan where dry ice is readily available. Dry ice is great for keeping things frozen or cooled, but more importantly for special effects. Need to make a dramatic entrance to a party? We have a great recipe for mixing dry ice and water that's sure to turn some heads.


Now, dry ice is fun and exciting, but Michigan Law does require that you be 18 years or older to purchase it. We also caution those purchasing to avoid skin contact with the dry ice. This is frozen Carbon Dioxide, which is sitting somewhere around −109.3 °F. That is roughly three and a half times colder than regular ice. You will get frostburned by touching it.


Soy Products

Little known fact: we are a distributer for Kikkoman Foods. You may know them as "that soy sauce company," but that's not all they make, and Washtenaw Dairy carries top of the line, all natural and organic soy products including delicious Pearl Soy Milk. Please visit their website for the full line of products from Kikkoman Foods, and then give us a call at 734-662-3244 for information on how to order and pricing.


The Dairy’s Box Lunch

 A delicious sandwich built between two slices of fresh pepperidge farms bread. Includes a piece of fruit, chips and something sweet. A perfect way to picnic, or eat it at your desk if you must. Nothing beats the Dairy.

Soup and Hot Chocolate

The evening chill provides a warm invitation for a piping mug of hot chocolate or a bowl of our famous soup or chili. Let us know your favorite soup and we’ll try to put it on the menu. And don’t forget to grab a bundle of firewood to set the mood for that cozy evening at home.



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Washtenaw Dairy is an Ann Arbor original since 1934, and what could be better than supporting a local business? We supply many local businesses with a variety of dairy needs from sour cream to milk. What makes us truly special, however, is our ability to deliver all seven days of the week rain or shine! We currently have two full time delivery trucks and are committed to getting you your quality local dairy on time. Check out some of our satisfied clients below!


If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your business stay stocked up, call us at (734) 662-3244 or send us a message!




Washtenaw Dairy has been around for 85 years. We want to make sure that we are around for another 850 years by respecting our carbon footprint and practicing sound, environmentally friendly practices. For one, we refrain from using plastics and use cardboard packaging for our products wherever possible because it is reusable, recyclable and ecologically safe.


Delicious ice cream is not going out of style. Nor is our commitment to leaving the planet in better shape than when we arrived.


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Mary Jean Raab



Photo © J. Adrian Wylie



Mary Jean Raab

Steering the Washtenaw Dairy through the pandemic.

by Eve Silberman


From the March, 2021 issue


Mary Jean Raab was plenty busy in 2016 when her uncle Doug Raab told her he needed help at the Washtenaw Dairy. Retired from a successful corporate career, she was on several nonprofit boards and running a small business giving tours of the city.


But Raab knew that the Dairy was facing a once-in-a-generation crisis: Doug's younger partner, Jimmy Smith, had died that January. Doug himself was ninety, and waging his fourth battle with cancer.


"I started helping the business in an informal way," Raab recalls. "A few months later, I bought half the business."


Her uncle died later that year, leaving her sole owner of the eighty-seven-year-old ice-cream shop and west-side neighborhood hangout. She kept in the background at first, but is becoming more visible as she steers the Dairy through the pandemic.




Doug Raab worked at the Dairy for about seventy-five years. He and Jim Smith--Jimmy's father--started scooping cones while in high school, and bought the business from E.J. and Mae Laubengayer in 1973.


The Laubengayers had just shut down what had been the city's last working dairy. The new owners kept scooping generous cones using ice cream from other dairies, but also won regular customers year-round with coffee, donuts, and the city's first Lotto machine. They could often be found behind the counter, pouring coffee or, in early morning, sitting with the regulars, mostly retired guys who joked that their table was the "waiting room for Muehlig's" funeral home.


When she started, Raab says, "I remained as quiet as I could in public to honor the heritage of the Smiths and Doug." Though she checks in daily, she's not the constant presence they were.




On the day Michigan dining rooms reopen, Raab sits down for an interview at the regulars' table, near shelves of brightly colored Washtenaw Dairy T-shirts featuring cheerful cows and whimsical ice-cream cone figures. I'm wearing a mask; following the latest advice, Raab is wearing two.


Her soft brown hair

is well coiffed, her nails polished. Friendly but to the point, she would rather talk about the business than herself, especially as it's navigated the travails of the pandemic year.


"We were dramatically impacted," she says. Before Covid-19 showed up in Michigan a year ago, "We had orders for weddings and graduations, ice cream, and ice-cream sundae bars," she recalls. "One by one, everything got canceled, until there just wasn't anything on the orders board."


Most people see only the cones and coffee, but there's another side to the Dairy: wholesale delivery of dairy products (milk, butter, eggs) to restaurants, day cares, and senior centers. The rule of thumb, Raab says, is that half of the sales go out the front door, and half out the back.


"We grieved along with others when restaurants closed," Raab says. The local Espresso Royale coffeehouse chain had been a longtime customer--and provided about 10 percent of their wholesale business.


When federal Covid relief funds became available, "I think we were some of the first people to apply for the federal PPP [Payroll Protection Program] loans," she says. A long history with Bank of Ann Arbor helped speed up the process.


Supportive customers left generous donations in the tip jar, and when seated service wasn't allowed, regulars trooped in to order take-out coffee. To drum up new business, Raab has done everything from ramping up the Dairy's Facebook presence to reviving a service it dropped forty years ago: delivering milk to people's homes. Recently, to her great relief, it received a second PPP loan.




Growing up near Allmendinger Park, Raab enjoyed trips to the Dairy with her parents and younger brother. Later, she came back with pals from Ann Arbor High. She also enjoyed figure skating, sewing, and singing a cappella.


While still in high school, Raab started waitressing at Bill Knapp's restaurant on Maple Rd. (where Zingerman's Roadhouse is now). By nineteen, she had moved into management, developing menus, training new employees, and troubleshooting as the family restaurant chain expanded across lower Michigan and nearby states.


She left Knapp's in 1992 and two years later joined Borders Books. As it grew from a small group of Michigan stores into an international chain, she was quickly promoted to vice president. Primarily responsible for Borders' in-store cafes, she also opened their first store in Singapore--but was booted during its first massive downsizing in 2001.


Raab says she's a Type A personality, and believes that "people skills" are her biggest strength. Dairy financial controller Kathleen Fearday agrees. "She really cares about her staff," she says. And, Fearday stresses, she hires "very good people."


After Borders, Raab and her husband, John Boyer, purchased Around Town tours, which ushers prospective U-M hires and others around the city. But it was her volunteer work for Senior Citizens Housing of Ann Arbor that proved most taxing. The nonprofit owned and managed Lurie Terrace, the affordable senior high-rise on W. Huron, where Raab's grandmother had lived happily.


She joined the board in 1992, after her grandmother's death. She was president in 2018, when Legal Services and the AARP Foundation sued on behalf of an autistic resident whose family had moved him out under threat of eviction.


The lawsuit was resolved out of court with an undisclosed settlement and a nondiscrimination commitment, but according to a PR rep hired during the litigation, the legal battle strained the volunteer management that had kept Lurie Terrace downtown's last great housing bargain. "Mary Jean has been spending forty hours a week" on legal and building issues, he told the Observer two years ago. "It has become too much."


So no one was shocked last year when the board agreed to sell the building to the city. Raab says they looked into hiring professional managers, but decided that the city housing commission was best placed to ensure that the building would remain well-managed and affordable.


She's still on the Senior Citizens Housing board, along with Washtenaw Literacy and the Community Music School of Ann Arbor. But getting the Dairy through the pandemic absorbs her.


Owning an ice-cream shop was never her dream, but, looking back, she says, "I feel I've been training for this job my whole life." She bought the building from the Laubengayer family three years ago (her uncle and the Smiths had always rented).


And for all her respect for tradition, she's not afraid to make changes.


She recently had the roof replaced for what she believes was the first time in a century--and installed solar panels while she was at it. She's also been adding new ice-cream flavors, including "Michigan Pot Hole," a chocolate-fudge swirl-'peanut butter cup combo. "People love it," she says.     (end of article)




On March 14, 2021, Patricia L. Alvis wrote:

Thank you for the excellent profile of Mary Jean Raab by Eve Silberman. As volunteer board chair of Senior Citizens Housing of Ann Arbor she has devoted many years to the careful custody of rental income from residents, and sought out special funds when major repair was needed. The result has been the preservation of a comfortable and safe living space for senior citizens. She has never lost sight of the mission set by the group that created the building - to encourage active resident participation. My seventeen years here have been enriched by her service.


Times change, people change, as a population and as individuals (we age, we have different needs). Lurie Terrace can be the victim of its image. Its location and reputation have led to expectations beyond the scope of the actual facility. Those who value the intangibles, the opportunities for community building in activities, the social relationships, will share my pleasure in being here.


As ownership passes to the city, Mary Jean and the other board members will have some well-deserved relief. Thanks, Mary Jean for you care, your friendship, your time. I wish you and your fellow board members success and satisfaction as you turn to new activities, and for you many tranquil and enjoyable years as the Queen of West Side Ice Cream.


Patricia L. Alvis,


Lurie Terrace Resident,


Lurie Terrace Library Volunteer


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